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S      S  ~O  S    b S  S      d           S   ~o  S
S      S   `b S    P S S       Y           S     b S
S      S sSSO S sS'  S S         ss.       S     S S sSSs
S      S    O S   S  S S            b .ss  S     P S
S      S    O S    S S  S           P SSSz S    S  S
P sSSs P    P P    P P   "sss' ` ss'  'ZZ' P ss"   P sSSss
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– Furthermore I forbid all calls on the part of persons unknown to me!

– Das Zusenden jeglicher Art von Newsletteren und Werbe-E-Mails ist verboten! –
– Desweiteren untersage ich alle Anrufe seitens mir unbekannter Personen!

This website is purely for private purposes and accompanies me and my hobby: I («Larics») develop code poems.
These are the most sophisticated program codes you can imagine! They are poems!